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Title: Seven Sided Spy
Genre: New Adult Thriller
Word-Count: 81,000


Hello, I’ve just completed a novel and am looking for representation. I saw that you are looking for LGBTQ+ works with strong female leads that challenge readers’ expectations. I felt that my completed project SEVEN SIDED SPY would be an excellent fit for your list.

In 1963, a group of the CIA’s foremost spies are kidnapped by the KGB and taken to the backcountry of North Carolina to undergo illegal experimentation. But, when the experiments go horribly wrong, the previously glamorous and high maintenance spies are left permanently disfigured and are unable to reenter society. The spies escape captivity and hide out in the mountains. They must avoid recapture at the hands of three KGB agents, one of whom is an old flame with an intense and well-justified grudge. In an attempt to reverse the effects of the experimentation, they enlist the help of a hip and eclectic alien enthusiast.

SEVEN SIDED SPY is a 85,000 word spy-thriller with a dash of science fiction undertones. One of its most unique qualities is its utilization of flashbacks. Conflicts in the past further propel conflicts in the present, while also revealing secrets about deceptively-likeable characters. It is heavily character driven and is not afraid to explore life’s morally gray areas.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Hannah Carmack

First 250 Words:

It was shortly after midnight in the Nightmare Café, and the mood in the small Southside diner had slowed way down. Duke Ellington’s Warm Valley spun out softly from a late night telecast, as couples on the dance floor swayed and glided like figure skaters on air. Dresden watched from a distance, seated stiffly in a red booth at the back of the place, a paper laid out on the table in front of him so his watching would not look conspicuous. He admired the gentle crane of lovers’ arms and necks, the way eyes locked and spoke a language known only to two, and the faintest hint of a smile pulling at the woman’s lips. He watched them step so carefully, as though nothing else in the world mattered at that moment, but his fantasy cut out at the fading of piano keys and the howl of Buddy Holly’s voice coming from the radio as the dance floor flooded. Dancing like this was fine, but it did not captivate Dresden the way a ballroom waltz did. It was then that a woman’s hand grazed the top of his shoulder.

“Come on, Dresden.” Her voice sounded like honey, sweet and slow-flowing.

He waited to hear the café’s doors close before getting up and following her out onto the cold, barren streets of D.C. He took one last glance at the dancing ensemble as he left.

Outside on 22nd street, she waited. Her name was Hera and she was a goddess amongst men.

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