Have You Seen My Colon?

So today has been not so fabulous.
After 2 rounds of antibiotics for a c. diff infection I am still symptomatic. I called my GI today and straight up asked for a fecal transplant because fuck this noise, but he said I needed to test positive for C. diff again, so I went to the hospital to pick up my testing kit and lo and behold the GI office did not fax the order over :’) so now I have to go in butt early tomorrow to get the kit ASAP. I also am now being put on a steroid that is strong like prednisone, but safer? I am not sure what it is called as I have not picked it up yet, because it costs boku bucks. I am picking up a 25 dollar card for it on Friday though before touring two cosmetology schools so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Anyway just a little rant about how incompetent the medical system can seem to someone who is on the outside. I know my doctors are working hard but sometimes it is just irritating. This is my 3rd infection in one calendar year. Just give me the damn transplant.

Did I mention it’s finals week?


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