The Three Cs: Civil War, Cosmetology, C.Diff

Not to be confused with Cookies, Comfort, and Cats.


I went and saw Civil War last night fucking amazing, but do you really expect anything else from a Marvel movie? Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are still breath-taking. Vision and Paul Rudd are still adorable.I’m Team Cap because as Magneto once said (I know, not the guy you want to be paraphrasing) “It starts with registration and then it ends with camps.”

And I looked DAYUM CUTE here is a close up of my eye makeup! 😀


I Have a Giant Nose, I know.

but (this is the perfect segway) this is my best makeup work, and so I am documenting it because today marks the start of my journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist. I am not starting school until Spring 2017, but today I am touring my first couple cosmo schools. I am excited but terrified. I feel like I will be significantly behind in a lot of skill sets, but I’m going to work hard and hope I can catch up.

Now knowing all this, can you imagine that just 3 hours before this make up and hair and civil war itself, I was at the hospital being tested for c. diff and anemia? My life feels like two polar opposite existences. One is so beauty oriented and very typical things that typical ladies like, and then the other is this blanch white medical room with blood and shit everywhere and sometimes I just find it startling that they can both exist and they can both be me.

I’m still waiting on test results, I’m not sure which way I want them to go. If I’m negative, that means I’m back on Prednisone until things get under control. If I’m positive I’m optioned for a fecal transplant. This will be my 4th positive C. Diff test in a calendar year :’)

Anyway! Please keep me in your thoughts and send lots of good vibes my way!
Happy Friday!


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