Some Good News, Some Bad News

So it goes.

I do not have the physical or mental energy to get an image for tonight’s post. I am burnt out. I just finished up my chapbook for my poetry class -32 poems in 6 months and a perfectly formatted chapbook. I am half-studying, half-regretting not studying more for my Spanish exam tomorrow -I would have to get a 36%  on it to fail, but still paranoid, because the final is the online test-taking system, and the online test-taking system is a cold hearted bitch that doesn’t give half points.

In other news I got my test results back for my C. diff test. It was negative. and I’m low-key kind of pissed. I just want to get a fecal transplant so I don’t have to worry about C. diff, but given my track record it’ll likely be back before I know it and hopefully then I can talk my GI into the transplant. (I mean hopefully I never get c. diff again, but if I do they hopefully won’t give me the run around with more antibiotics.)

In other fun news I am touring Paul Mitchell the School in Lombard this Saturday, so #exciting. YIKES. 



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