Shameless -Read:Shameful

So I’m in the school’s literary journal…

And I have really mixed feelings about it.

So there are a lot of internal problems with my university’s literary journal like a lot, but I’m still posting this here because it is my work and I’m always proud of my work. Even if my acceptance letter didn’t mention that one of the poems they published was getting published? So I sent it other places? And then it also said a nice “Congratulations insert name here,” and this was after they determined I was the worst fiction writer of the year and it’s like. What the hell. There are so many things wrong with this magazine, but nonetheless here I am linking to it because I am shameless .

The entire experience of being published in this kind of environment makes me relish in the anonymous form rejection letters of actual literary magazines.

Also despite my complaining you should totes check out all of the work! It may have been an awful experience, but there are some pretty great writers in this journal and a lot of talent!


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