Notes on The Assemblage May Have Just Changed My Life

So this collection is fucking beautiful. 

Okay, so Juan Felipe Herrera is a poet laureate, and of course his poetry was going to be good, but it was just miles above most other poets I’ve read. The man is on point and knows what’s up. #staywoke?

For real though this book is amazing and Herrera shys away from nothing. This book not only addresses big political issues, but also offers insights into Herrera’s world, and also brings forth a few world issues you may not even know about.

Almost Livin’ Almost Dyin’
White Dove – Found Outside Don Teriyaki’s
The Solider in the Empty Room
The Soap Factory
We are Remarkably Loud Not Masked
& Poem by Poem

Were the best pieces in the book, imo, but they were all good honestly.
I managed to write 4 pieces inspired by this book, that’s how hella good it was. And I just want to keep writing more. Check it out if you’re local library has it! Or buy it! (I might, which is rare.)

Hope you have a great Sunday!



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