Hey, Where Ya Been? Crohn’s, Colitis, and The MFA

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The State of the Union

Tonight’s address will begin with a questionable featured image selection and a lot of stumbling while I try to learn how to navigate Free!Wordpress.

To start, tonight’s picture is arrows because upward mobility. I am at a really amazing point of my life, despite c.diff, despite IBD, despite feeling overwhelmed with classes, life is so fucking beautiful and I can only hope that I can take my time here on Earth and make something of it. I say this having just eating a bag and a half of Fritos and an entire jar of salsa, so don’t be fooled by this eloquence I’m a slob like the rest of us.

I desperately want to improve as a person, as a christian, as a writer, as a poet, but I am a notorious “knows better but does it anyway” kinda girl, and sometimes it feels like I have stagnated rather than matured, but nonetheless I’m going to use this blog as 1. Shameless Self Promotion for my Writing and 2. A way to healthily vent my frustrations, day to day struggles, and accomplishments in hopes of better understanding myself and growing as a person.

I can already tell I’m going to look back on this post and think “By God That was Cringe-Worthy”