The Three Cs: Civil War, Cosmetology, C.Diff

Not to be confused with Cookies, Comfort, and Cats.

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Program Prioritization

Holy shit it was a weird day. Being an adult is awful and Rauner is literally satan.

A bit of background, I work for and attend a public university here in Illinois and after struggling to stay afloat with no budget we finally had to break down and prioritize programs, which includes cuts and absolving certain programs. And it was rough. A lot of good programs got cut and a lot of great people are going to be out of a job. I am lucky and get to keep my job, but our department is going through a ‘transformation’ phase which is basically sink or swim we have to learn how to fund ourselves or go belly up.

A lot of awesome diversity resources are also in trouble and we can only hope we don’t end up like Wisconsin with its one diversity office for all of the many state universities. A silver lining though is that the Disability Resource Center has FINALLY been identified as worthwhile and worthy of more funding. It looks like they may finally get to leave the 4th floor and actually be functioning with more than only half a staff.

It is so damn sad that we live in a nation in which a dickwad like Rauner can hold students hostage like this.

As someone who wanted to go into higher education, this has really made me rethink my career choice and just solidified my desire to go to trade school. What a world.
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